Flourless Chocolate Cake

Depending on the type of chocolate you use, sometimes the top gets all crackly and shiny, like a really good brownie—I find that using semisweet chocolate chips reliably gives me that look (like the photo below) whereas dark chocolate bars give me the look of the version pictured at the top of the post. Both are delicious! It’s also relatively foolproof in my experience, and can withstand just about any variation you throw at it. Sometimes I use all dark chocolate, sometimes I use semisweet and dark. I’ve varied the brand of chocolate I use. I’ve tried European-style butter and regular old grocery store butter. I sometimes add a little flour, and sometimes I don’t. I’ve tested it with a little gluten-free flour, and that works fine, too. I’ve baked it in numerous ovens in numerous kitchens. I’ve made it in 9” pans and 8” pans and once, as mini brownie-style cakes.