Fragrant Silk Road Barbecue Shrimp

This recipe from reader Nicole Aandahl shows how easy it is to make a great meal where spices take the spotlight. She uses the shrimp shells to make a rich stock, and finishes the dish with plenty of butter, lemon, and bright herbs. "Over the years I’ve had many a different rendition of this classic Gulf Coast dish, but I’ve found that the ones I love the best have a nice amount of black pepper. Fortunately black pepper goes with just about any flavor, including other peppers and spices. One of my favorite pairings is black pepper and sumac, which is a Mediterranean spice with a citrusy scent, and cumin. I also love Jamaican Pick-a-Peppa sauce, which is tamarind-based condiment with a lot more soul than Worcestershire, and melts right into the butter and wine sauce. These incredibly diverse flavors come together into an luscious, lick-your-fingers sauce."




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