Hemingway in Kochi

Hemingway is believed to have discovered this daiquiri when he was in Havana. He once said, “Don’t bother with churches, government buildings or city squares. If you want to know about a culture, spend a night in its bars.” Can you imagine if Hemingway was in a bar in Kochi, Japan instead of Havana? The bartender might have used yuzu juice instead of lime juice, since Kochi is Japan’s largest producer of this citrus fruit. Yuzu is a staple in Kochi's cuisine, used in cooking, beverages, and a variety of condiments.

Instead of fresh lime juice, I used organic yuzu juice for my take on this cocktail. Yuzu offers an elegant, refreshing aroma and a gentle, bitter flavor that will pair beautifully with the rest of the components of this cocktail. I also spiced up this cocktail with Mishmish No. 33 from the spice shop La Boite in New York City. Mishmish No. 33 is a spice blend made of crystalized honey, saffron, and lemon. Spices are not just for cooking. Use spices whenever you can. You will be amazed by how much aroma and flavor spice can add to your food and drink!


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