Salmon Rillettes & Crispy Rice Chips

Over the years, I have tasted many of Justin’s delicious dishes (lucky me!). If you ask me which one is my favorite, I would say crudo. Crudo, which translates as “raw” in Italian, is just that: raw fish. Justin is the master of seafood. He gets the best quality seafood and dresses the crudo with EVOO, lemon, and Maldon sea salt. Or he jazzes it up with seasonal herbs and shaved veggies. He keeps it simple and highlights the very best that the sea has to offer.

If you want to create a chef-y appetizer at home, you can’t miss this recipe. If deep frying sounds intimidating to you, forget about the crispy rice chips. You can thinly slice a French baguette, brush them with EVOO, and toast them. You will create a salmon rillettes crostini. This is a versatile dish. Go East with fish sauce and rice wrappers or go West with crostinis. It’s up to you!


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