Masala Spiced Veggie Bowl

Masala-Spiced Veggie Bowl

Someone asked me the other day, “Samah, what do you eat to feed yourself? I mean, if you’re constantly cooking all day, do you just eat all your recipe tests?” This is a great question. Do I just eat all of the brownies and cookies and pastas that I recipe test? Well, yes. But while I would like to subsist on chocolate chip tahini cake all day every day, the truth of the matter is I need (and love) vegetables. Growing up with dishes like chana masala, masala green beans or aloo gobi on rotation adjusted my lens on vegetarian cooking, and I now feel obligated by my soul to add a variety of delicious masala spices to any veggie dish I’m cooking. When I cook for myself, I thrive on seasoning my veggies with cumin, turmeric, and cayenne — heightening the flavor profiles and reminding me of the tastes of home.