Smoky Chickpeas

While canned chickpeas are passable, they’ll never be as tasty as these freshly cooked ones. I like to cook chickpeas just to have them around. They’re so easy to prepare, and they’re just as good cold as they are hot. It’s best to soak them in the fridge overnight to make cooking go quickly, but if you forget, you can still soak them first thing in the morning and they’ll be ready for dinner that evening. Once they’re done, keep them on hand; they have endless uses. Here the spices penetrate the chickpeas while they’re cooking, so they taste nuanced even when eaten on their own.

The rounded heat of ginger and Aleppo pepper is balanced by the warmth of cinnamon and pimentón in these chickpeas. Dried garlic gives the chickpeas a more pronounced yet less sharp allium taste.



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