Stovetop Chicken Paella

The rendered fat from browned chicken thighs seared in the pan before cooking the vegetables seasons every part of this paella. This recipe is a perfect way to use our Father's Day Paella Set.

My loose interpretation of Spanish paella infuses every element of the dish with flavor by adding a spice blend at each stage of the cooking process and then simmering the whole mix with the same blend. Bomba rice, a short-grain rice from Spain and the foundation for Spanish paella, absorbs liquid—and therefore seasonings—more readily than other varieties. You can find it online or in well-stocked markets. Also available online are paella pans. You don’t need one, but it’s the only way to get the signature socarrat crust on the bottom of the rice, a thin, crackly, browned layer that crisps on the pan’s steel base. Even without the socarrat, this dish will be tasty.


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