Thyme-Seared Scallops

Searing seafood in a hot pan and then basting it with hot olive oil or butter
may be the fastest way to a restaurant-worthy meal. The technique is actually easy and fast, and when the seafood is coated with spices, it develops a crackly
shell. Basting the seafood with olive oil and butter while tilting the pan above
the flame ensures the center of scallops, shrimp, or meaty fish like swordfish
cooks through before the outside has a chance to burn. You make a sauce in the
same pan, and it’s all done in about five minutes. With salad, pasta, or rice on
the side, you’re all set for dinner.

Thyme gives scallops an interesting mushroom-like note, and celery seeds add a welcome light bitterness. This spice blend makes light and buttery scallops taste
almost meaty.


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