Toor Dal

There is something about dal (lentils) that is hard to beat when one is looking for a pantry-friendly meal that provides oodles of comfort. Lentils are also hard to beat when it comes to health benefits. One interesting study (among many!) showed that eating a servings of beans, lentils or pulses per day – about 3/4 cup – can reduce cardiovascular disease risk by 5-6%. Lentils also contain beneficial fiber that feeds the useful bugs in our microbiome. Moreover, lentils are a great source of plant-based protein, iron and even zinc, which is critical for optimal immunity, especially now as we try and stay in good immune health amidst the current crisis. This recipe uses toor dal or split yellow pigeon peas but can be made with yellow (moong) or red (masoor) lentils as well. It’s flavorful, packed with beneficial spices and, most important, super easy to whip up. I hope you enjoy.

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