Trout Meuniere

As classics go, Meunière is one of the mainstays of French cuisine.  It’s one of those respected dishes that is found both at home as a quick pan dish with trout or in amazing restaurants in a fresh sole version. The meunière part comes from the dusting of flour prior to cooking the fish.  The fish is then typically served with browned butter, lemon filets, and parsley (a.k.a. Sauce Grenobloise) so that meunière and grenobloise in a dish description have become synonymous as they almost always come together. Don’t skip the bread cubes as they stay a little crisp while soaking up the flavors of the sauce.  The garnish also works really well with scallops and the lemon can be switched up to tart orange, lime, or blood orange when in season. Serve the dish with freshly steamed and crushed potatoes to soak up all the goodness.


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