The Fundamentals of Spice Pairing

The Fundamentals of Spice Pairing

As you get more comfortable with spices and start to learn which flavors you prefer, we encourage you to try pairing spices with new and unexpected flavors.

When it comes to pairing spices with other spices sometimes even flavors that might seem to clash can go really well together. Be open to trying any and all flavor combinations.

There is no right or wrong way to pair spices, but know your spices before pairing them together. Intense flavors can oftentimes overpower more delicate flavors.

To become more acquainted with your spices, we recommend tasting them plain so you know what they taste like. Just a pinch to give yourself an idea.

One fun way to start experimenting with spice pairings is to make one dish and sprinkle different varieties of spices onto different servings. You can play around with new flavors without committing to seasoning an entire dish.


1. Add cinnamon to savory dishes for a touch of sweetness and warmth.

2. Use amchoor or Limon Omani rather than fresh citrus to add acidity to a dish. 

3. Add chilies to baked goods and desserts - heat often pairs well with chocolate and sugar.

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