Chopped Liver Two Ways

"Chopped Liver" Two Ways

Chopped liver is a beloved classic from high holidays and family gatherings like Passover to sunny picnics with bread and cheese. This is Lior’s mother’s recipe with his added touches and big, fluffy, hand-chopped pieces and hard-boiled egg balanced with caramelized onion, Baharat, and sherry vinegar. I always feel left out watching people enjoy Chopped Liver so included below is my vegetarian version.  It’s full of roasted mushrooms and coarsely chopped, toasted walnuts along with the same Baharat and other goodies - but I make it a little more chopped.  Both go great with matzoh, family, and friends.

Check out the recipe notes below for a quick and easy no peel hard-cooked egg method. Also, check out the notes on nutrition from our contributor, Nikki Ostrower.