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Premium single-origin spices to inspire your culinary journey.

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jar of anise spice
up close of anise spice
Anise $9.00
jar of ground asafoetida
asafoetida up close
Asafoetida $9.00
jar of dried basil leaves
up close of basil plant
Basil $9.00
jar of cubeb
close up of cubeb
Cubeb $9.00
jar of cumin
close up of cumin
Cumin $9.00
jar of fenugreek seeds
fenugreek up close
Fenugreek $9.00
jar of fenugreek leaf
fenugreek leaf up close
Fenugreek Leaf $9.00
jar of fried garlic slices
Garlic Slices
Garlic Slices $9.00
jar of grains of paradise seeds
up close whole grains of paradise seeds
Grains of Paradise $16.00
Granulated Garlic
Granulated Garlic
Granulated Garlic $9.00
Ground Cumin
Ground Cumin
Ground Cumin $9.00
jar of dried lavendar
lavender plant up close
Lavender $9.00
jar of sajira (wild cumin)
Limited: Sajira - Wild Cumin $18.00
jar of mace
mace up close
Mace $9.00
jar of marjoram
marjoram up close
Marjoram $9.00
jar of mint
mint up close
Mint $9.00
jar of nutmeg
nutmeg up close
Nutmeg $16.00
jar of dried orange peel
Orange Peel
Orange Peel $9.00
jar of dried rose petals
rose petals up close
Rose Petals $9.00
jar of sage
sage up close
Sage $9.00