Herbed Honey Cider Vinegar - La Boîte x Catskill Provisions

We've got a fun new product featuring honey from our friends at Catskill Provisions! Below is a brief interview with founder Claire Marin.
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We're excited to carry this collaboration Claire. It's lightly sweetened with your honey right?

Yes indeed! Just the right amount from our hives in the Catskills, Sullivan, Delaware and now Madison counties

And the vinegar? What sets yours apart?

The apple cider vinegar is collected only from small family owned farms in NY State. Small farmers don’t spray their apples orchards due to cost and they also only use non-GMO apples. We love supporting them and of course love that pollinators are protected from harmful pesticides. We collect it, press it and age it in stainless steel for 12 months. It is then blended with a bit of our wildflower raw honey and the spice blend is infused for a few days then strained when it is perfect.

How did you think of this combination?

I’ve always wanted to blend a balanced vinegar with an herb infusion and tried so many blends until I found Luberon (which is a top favorite of mine!). The honey balanced the tartness of the vinegar, and coupled with the beautiful aroma of the spice makes this product unique, complex and delicious.

Sounds amazing! What have you used it in so far?

We've loved using it in sauces, for deglazing the pan, in dressings, in desserts and for making cocktail shrubs.



Our limited collaboration is available for purchase here.

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