Master Latke Recipe

Master Latke

There so many ways to make latkes – grated, puréed, from a mix, and all of it changes when you make 10 vs. 1000s.  As someone who has been there and back, the best of all latkes is the small batch, fresh latke.  You know that first or second one, eaten from the pan while still crisp and tender.  It’s so tender and light that you can still see the ribbons of potato inside – crispy and golden-brown with the sweet and savory aroma of well-seasoned potato supported by onion. 

This recipe is the master batch of latke.  It is meant to be simple and straightforward while adding a technique to keep your mixture stable so you don’t have oxidizing, watery batter.  Whether you are a sour cream or applesauce person, you should also try the quick applesauce, part of our Quick Pan Jams series to serve at your latke party.  We also included some vegetable variations to change things up and include more variety. 

Enjoy the latkes, they are delicious no matter what you are celebrating.