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Premium single-origin spices to inspire your culinary journey.

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jar of whole allspice
close up of whole allspice
Allspice $9.00
jar of black cardamom pods
up close of black cardamom pods
Black Cardamom $9.00
jar of black cumin
black cumin up close
Black Cumin $9.00
jar of cloves
cloves up close
Cloves $9.00
jar of dhania seeds
dhania seeds up close
Dhania $9.00
jar of ground ginger
ginger up close
Ginger $9.00
Hibiscus Blossom
Hibiscus Blossom
Hibiscus Blossom $9.00
jar of dried lavendar
lavender plant up close
Lavender $9.00
jar of lemon myrtle
lemon myrtle up close
Lemon Myrtle $12.00
jar of mace
mace up close
Mace $9.00
jar of nutmeg
nutmeg up close
Nutmeg $16.00
jar of dried orange peel
Orange Peel
Orange Peel $9.00
jar of dried rose petals
rose petals up close
Rose Petals $9.00
jar of saffron
saffron up close
Saffron $36.00
jar of star anise
star anise up close
Star Anise $9.00
Turmeric $9.00