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Premium single-origin spices to inspire your culinary journey.

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Granulated Onion
Granulated Onion
Granulated Onion $9.00
jar of gray salt
Gray Salt
Gray Salt $9.00
jar of green cardamom pods
green cardamom pods up close
Green Cardamom $12.00
jar of green peppercorn
green peppercorn up close
Green Peppercorn $9.00
Ground Cumin
Ground Cumin
Ground Cumin $9.00
Hibiscus Blossom
Hibiscus Blossom
Hibiscus Blossom $9.00
jar of ground jalapeno
Jalapeño $9.00
jar of whole juniper berries
juniper berries up close
Juniper $9.00
jar of kampot red pepper
kampot red pepper up close
Kampot Red Pepper $16.00
jar of dried lavendar
lavender plant up close
Lavender $9.00
jar of lemon myrtle
lemon myrtle up close
Lemon Myrtle $12.00
jar of dried lemon peel
Lemon Peel
Lemon Peel $9.00
jar of licorice
licorice up close
Licorice $9.00
jar of cinnamon buds
cinnamon buds up close
Limited: Cinnamon Buds $18.00
jar of dried curry leaves
curry leaves up close
Limited: Curry Leaves $18.00
jar of green sichuan pepper
Limited: Green Sichuan Pepper $18.00
jar of jasmine blossom
jasmine blossom close up
Limited: Jasmine Blossom $18.00
Limited: Mahlab
Limited: Mahlab
Limited: Mahlab $18.00
Limited: Makrut Lime Leaves
Limited: Makrut Lime Leaves
Limited: Makrut Lime Leaves $18.00
jar of nipitella
nipitella up close
Limited: Nipitella $18.00