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jar of thyme
thyme up close
Thyme $9.00
jar of fennel pollen
fennel seeds up close
Fennel Pollen $30.00
jar of hanguk spice blend
Hanguk $16.00
jar of dried basil leaves
up close of basil plant
Basil $9.00
jar of dried dill leaf
dill leaf up close
Dill Leaf $9.00
jar of celery seeds
celery seeds up close
Celery Seed $9.00
jar of dried orange peel
Orange Peel
Orange Peel $9.00
jar of cara spice blend
Cara $16.00
jar of caraway seeds
caraway seeds up close
Caraway $9.00
Sarawak Black Pepper
Sarawak Black Pepper
Sarawak Black Pepper $9.00
jar of dhania seeds
dhania seeds up close
Dhania $9.00
jar of cloves
cloves up close
Cloves $9.00
jar of cubeb
close up of cubeb
Cubeb $9.00
jar of long pepper
long pepper up close
Long Pepper $16.00
jar of grains of paradise seeds
up close whole grains of paradise seeds
Grains of Paradise $16.00
jar of savory
savory up close
Savory $9.00
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Moroccan Spice Crunch
Moroccan Spice Crunch
Moroccan Spice Crunch $16.00
Everyday Masala
Everyday Masala
Everyday Masala $16.00
Chili Powder
Chili Powder
Chili Powder $9.00
Everything Indian
Everything Indian
Everything Indian $16.00