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jar of set d'antibes spice blend
Sel d'Antibes
Sel d'Antibes $16.00
set of 3 mini essential spice blends
The Essential Mini Set
The Essential Mini Set $15.00
jar of spice blend with paprika, cumin, ginger, and garlic
Amahari $16.00
jar of yemen spice blend
yemen spice blend up close
Yemen N.10 $16.00
jar of mousa spice blend
mousa spice blend up close
Mousa N.30 $16.00
bottle of smoked cinnamon maple syrup
Smoked Cinnamon Maple Syrup
Smoked Cinnamon Maple Syrup $21.00
jar of siam spice blend
siam spice blend up close
Siam N.32 $16.00
jar of orchidea spice blend
orchidea spice blend up close
Orchidea N.34 $21.00
jar of massalis spice blend
Massalis $21.00
jar of dried espelette pepper
dried espelette up close
Espelette $24.00
jar of galil spice blend
galil spice blend up close
Galil N.13 $16.00
jar of limon omani
limon omani up close
Limon Omani $12.00
jar of noga spice blend
noga spice blend up close
Noga N.17 $16.00
jar of desert rose spice blend
Desert Rose
Desert Rose $16.00
jar of b-mary bloody mary seasoning
B-Mary $16.00
jar of nipitella
nipitella up close
Limited: Nipitella $18.00
jar of dried curry leaves
curry leaves up close
Limited: Curry Leaves $18.00
jar of sajira (wild cumin)
Limited: Sajira - Wild Cumin $18.00
jar of shawarma east spice blend
Shawarma East
Shawarma East $16.00
jar of green cardamom pods
green cardamom pods up close
Green Cardamom $12.00