The Ultimate Holiday Bar

The Ultimate Holiday Bar

image of holiday bar set up

The Ultimate Holiday Bar Set Up

Putting together a holiday-oriented bar is a fantastic way to make sure drinks are flowing all throughout the season. Whether you host a holiday dinner with friends or a New Years Eve party at home, a few great spirits and spices, along with simple and delicious recipes will have you all set. Don't forget to stock up on plenty of champagne and wine!

Essential Spirits


For making a classic sidecar cocktail or having a glass neat, cognac is an essential during the winter.

Tequila and/or Mezcal

Although sometimes considered a warm weather alcohol, you'll find that our tequila cocktail recipes are perfectly suitable for winter. Smoky mezcal is ultra-satisfying to sip by the fire. 

Terra Gin

Made using La Boite spices at Cardinal Spirits Distillery, Terra gin offers a fresh outdoorsy flavor, like a wilderness in a bottle.  

Bourbon and/or Scotch

An essential in any bar. 


The warming qualities and sweetness of rum make it perfect for the sweeter cocktails. 

La Boîte Amaro

A superbly spiced collaboration with Cardinal Spirits. It's a wonderful addition to many cocktails and also great paired with meals.


Spices & Mix Ins


Cocoa, orange blossom, and pepper are blended into a well-balanced spice great for adding to wintry cocktails. Add a dash to spiked hot chocolate for an interesting layer of flavor.


A uniquely sweet spice blend with honey, saffron, and lemon, making it a wonderful addition to cocktails. You can also use it to line the rim of a glass for added flavor.

Smoked Salt

Echoing the smoky flavors of mezcal, smoked salt flakes can be added to any drink that needs a smoky flavor. It can also be used to rim glasses. 

Smoked Cinnamon Maple Syrup

Use it to add sweetness, warmness, and smokiness to drinks. 


For adding a nice kick of heat to drinks. 


Fabbri Amarena Cherries

These sugary cherries are a classic addition to many cocktails and serve as a little snack once you finish your drink!

Spiced Simple Syrup

Many cocktails call for simple syrup, which happens to be a great agent for adding spices and flavors. This complex syrup will elevate the most simple drink.

Bar Essentials 

image of bar tender kit

Bar Tender Kit

This kit will provide you with all of the essential bar equipment for making cocktails. 

Cocktail Recipes

Gold Fashioned

A twist on a classic with Mishmish and date syrup. 

Amaro Negroni

Using our Terra Gin and American Amaro.

Autumn Margarita

Mishmish helps bring winter flavors to a classic margarita. 

Dry Autumn Spritz

The orange peel in Apollonia complements fresh orange juice and Amaro.

Soixante Quinze

French 75s are the perfect celebratory drink!

Crème Anglaise Eggnog

A rich, creamy, boozy winter treat.

Spiced Hot Toddy

Warm up by the fire with a spiced up version of the classic warm cocktail. 

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