Eggplant & Beef Pie

I love eggplants! This recipe makes a great dish for a family or friends dinner and reheats perfectly.    

Lamb Arayes

Recently arayes has become one of the most popular dishes in Israel. From restaurants to street food to home cooking. Arayes is the perfect mix of ...

Firehouse Lasagna

Rach's spiced-up Firehouse Lasagna is a shout-out to emergency first responders, who are still out there working during the coronavirus pandemic. I...

Beef Kefta

The word kefta usually refers to a meatball or patty. These can be made from various meats and sometimes even lentils and vegetables. They are ver...

Spice Crusted Short Ribs

Most of the cooking is hands off, and you'll be left with plenty of flavorful leftovers

Cholent Pot Pie

Cholent Pot Pie By Yehuda Sichel of Abe Fisher  

Braised Short Ribs

For these coffee braised short ribs, Michael Solomonov, chef at Zahav Restaurant and author of Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking, uses Sheba N.40 w...