Braised Collards & Black-Eyed Peas

This is a common dish to eat for good luck on New Years Day in the South, and something my wife Lisa (who is from Houston), and I often enjoy. We h...

Braised Oxtail

How many times did you see oxtail at your local butcher or store and just sadly ignored it? It is one of my favorite cuts of beef not to mention c...

10 Minute Ratatouille

One of my favorite vegetable dishes! A great way to use slightly bruised or very ripe veggies, and it is ready in no time.

Eggplant & Beef Pie

I love eggplants! This recipe makes a great dish for a family or friends dinner and reheats perfectly.    

Spice Crusted Short Ribs

Most of the cooking is hands off, and you'll be left with plenty of flavorful leftovers