Butter-Poached Salmon

In French kitchens, butter rules. Here, poaching salmon in butter makes for an indulgent dish that—believe it or not—doesn’t taste too heavy, espec...

Bean, Herb, & Noodle Soup

"This hearty soup is wonderful whenever there’s a chill in the air, but it’s customary to eat it for Nowruz, the Persian New Year celebration that...

Crispy Persian Vegetable Rice

If vegetable biryani and tahdig had a love child, it would be this crispy Persian Vegetable Rice. It’s a super festive side dish but I also like it...

Butter Roasted Fish

The classic French combination of sweet leeks and salty capers comes together with plenty of butter in this treatment. Even in dried form, tarragon...

Dill Pickles

Bernise and high-quality dried dill leaves are great to have on hand to make these quick dill pickles.    

Falafel Burger

Full of fresh herbs and crunchy Dvora flavor, the falafel burger has the satisfaction and crispy edges of a crusty, cast iron seared meat patty.  

Joon Spice Blend

Enliven rice or wheat berries by cooking them in chicken or vegetable stock seasoned with this blend, or sprinkle it on celery root before roasting.