The Edible Seder Plate

We updated the symbolic seder plate with delicious items to emphasize the respect and appreciation for gathering together to reflect on where we ca...

Holiday Challah

Inspired by the beautiful loaves Uri Scheft crafts, this Holiday Challah is baked complete with bowls for apples and honey.  The challah is great f...

Challah Sandwich Loaves

Fine-grained and pleasantly chewy, challah is ideal for sandwiches. These loaves will give you the perfect shape to slice for sandwiches.  


To me, charoset is the ultimate Jewish chutney. It combines Eastern and Western cultures with the use of Mediterranean dates, which are strangely p...

Chickpea Flatbreads

This flatbread, which is my take on pita, is tender thanks to the addition of chickpea flour. It also has loads of flavor since it’s flecked with s...

Easy Barbari Bread

Use pizza dough from your local pizzeria as a hack to make this classic Persian bread a snap.  

Salmon Tartare

This salmon tartare includes roasted eggplant for rich flavor and cucumber for a bright crunch.

Matzo Ball Soup

Spices, stuffing, and apples make for a fun twist on traditional matzo ball soup.     

Yogurt Challah

Growing up in Israel, I had challah every Friday for Shabbat and on most days in between. After trying countless recipes, I discovered my favorite ...