Pickled Jalapeños

You never have to buy pickled peppers if you know how to make them, plus you can use whatever produce and spices you like. Try these on your next t...

Cucumber Dill Pickles

This is my quick pickle I like to make at home. The smaller cucumbers pickle faster and are ready in just a day. 

Silan Roasted Carrots

I like to roast carrots with silan (date syrup), it balances and enhances the natural sweetness. For salt I like to use black olives.


This spread is a great way to showcase the flavors of tahini and roasted peppers. Thank you to our friends at Seed + Mill for the recipe. 

No Knead Focaccia

No kneading needed for this easy focaccia recipe. Silan (a syrup made from dates), and za'atar make for a delicious loaf. 

Masala-Spiced Veggie Bowl

Someone asked me the other day, “Samah, what do you eat to feed yourself? I mean, if you’re constantly cooking all day, do you just eat all your re...

Fennel Pollen Cured Salmon

So Instacart delivered 5 bunches of bananas instead of one bunch of 5, and forgot the fresh dill? No worries if you have fennel pollen on hand. Fen...

Chard Leaf Pie

I had some Swiss chard that looked great, and decided to use it instead of phyllo to make this great chicken and rice pie. It's an excellent way to...

Mushroom & Olive Orecchiette

Labne, mushrooms, and olives come together with Pierre Poivre N7 to make a quick and easy sauce for pasta. 

Lemon Cake

This lemon cake is one of the most popular things I make at home. My boys just love it and will have some for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and sna...

Apollonia Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here's our recipe for the Apollonia Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

Yemen Oat & Raisin Cookies

Here's our recipe for the Yemen Oat & Raisin Cookie Mix.