Salmon Tartare

This salmon tartare includes roasted eggplant for rich flavor and cucumber for a bright crunch.

Shawarma Grilled Cauliflower

We're used to seeing cauliflower in floret-form, so a whole head of cauliflower sliced into a neat slab—a "steak"—makes this dish a standout. Just ...

Sour Cream Drop Biscuits

Drop biscuits are a classic Southern quick bread. I use sour cream and butter in place of lard and milk. They're incredibly easy to make even if yo...

Lamb Arayes

Recently arayes has become one of the most popular dishes in Israel. From restaurants to street food to home cooking. Arayes is the perfect mix of ...

Kubaneh Bread

This is chef Nir Mesika's version of a traditional pull-apart Yemenite Jewish bread.       

Shabazi Michelada

Beer? yes. Mezcal? yes! Shabazi? Oh yes! One of my favorite long drinks for a warm spring afternoon.   

French Country Vegetable Soup

I like to sauté vegetables with spices before adding them to water to make soup. Concentrating the sweetness of the vegetables by sautéing them g...

Tahini Shortbread Cookies

You might as well call these halva cookies, because once you add something sweet to tahini (like honey, sugar, maple, or silan), it tastes just lik...

Halva Floss Banana Split

This is a Leue family favorite. Using halva floss and ripe bananas lets you use fewer ingredients and less syrup and still have a sweet treat. A ti...

Hummus & Pita

These simple recipes are perfect for making and enjoying hummus and pita at home. Ice water is the key to a great texture.  

Paper Plane Cocktail

This cocktail adaptation by Cardinal Spirits uses equal parts, including our La Boîte American Amaro.  

Cherry & Pistachio Clafoutis

Clafoutis is a French dessert that falls somewhere between soufflé and flan, with a light texture that’s sturdy enough to slice. I learned the clas...