Turkish Coffee Tiramisu

I love tiramisu and I can never get enough of it.  This version is infused with Turkish coffee and Sri Lanka blend and uses thinner layers of spice...

Sumac Vinaigrette

Bright and fresh with richness of good olive oil, the simple vinaigrette perks up any dish.

Cranberry Sauce

A holiday must have, simply whipped together in the style of our quick pan jams.

Cataluña Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Seasoned with our smoky Cataluña blend these sweet potatoes have the warm and caramelized flavor of coziness.

Oz Roasted Broccoli

For bold roasted flavor, Oz reinforces why broccoli is your favorite vegetable.

Tahini Whipped Potatoes

For perfectly imperfect mashed potatoes, this recipe uses a hand mixer to mash the potatoes.

Challah and Vegetable Dressing

Full of fall vegetables and rich challah bread, this vegetable (stuffing) is a great seasonal side dish.

Coleslaw With Apple and Celery

Capturing the sour notes, heat, and garlic found in Korean kitchens, this spice mix is a perfect finishing spice for fish, meat, seafood, and veget...

Spark Salt: Grilled Leeks

The Spark Salt is a blend of fleur de sel accompanied by nutty sesame, caraway, and coriander seeds. Use it as your level up salted seasoning or ad...

Spark Herbs: Chicken and Mushroom

The Spark Herb blend is full of green herbs and nutty coriander seeds.  It’s great for marinating as well as dressings, sauces, and dips.

Spark Pepper: Ribeye and Carrots

You can never have enough flavor in your arsenal when grilling or roasting with single step spices.  No mixing, no grinding, just marinate or sprin...

Crème Anglaise Eggnog

For me a great eggnog is unapologetically rich and simple, basically a boozy custard. I start by making a custard (crème Anglaise), which can be us...