Oz Yogurt Sauce

For a creamy, charry sauce with grilled dishes, roasted vegetables, and green salad the Oz yogurt sauce has the deep roasted flavor of coffee and b...

Marinated Red Onions

Inspired by grilled red onions, Oz marinated red onions have the roasted flavor of coffee and brown sugar to keep that flavor of charred and carame...

Za'atar Vinaigrette

Herby Za'atar, full of nutty sesame seeds, and so much sumac flavor makes a great vinaigrette.  With bloomed herbs and spices, fruity olive oil, an...

Basil and Lavender Pesto

Fresh basil is complemented by lavender and fennel in this pesto to transport you to Provence for a moment.  

B Mary Seafood Cocktail

B Mary makes this a deluxe version of cocktail sauce that has the flavor of Bloody Mary that everyone loves.    

Amba Aioli

A zesty aioli with pickled mango and espelette pepper, amba aioli is great as a condiment or ingredient.    

Olive and Honey Vinaigrette

Olives and lemon zest make this balsamic vinaigrette a deluxe version.  Toss it through crisp greens, drizzle onto grilled meats and vegetables, or...

Coquelicot Vinaigrette

The old fashioned lemon poppy dressing is new and improved with Coquelicot.  

Green Tahini Sauce

Fresh and herby tahini sauce with the green chili warmth and depth of the Shabazi spice blend.    

Golden Tahini Sauce

Bright golden color and creamy tahini texture with fresh lemon makes a sauce, that is a great addition for any time of day.  Drizzle it over your a...

Summer Orange Salsa

Inspired by a condiment I had in Sicily, this simple preparation is bright and lightly peppery from the garlic and spice. It's perfect as a refresh...

Riviera Vinaigrette

This vinaigrette is your go-to Mediterranean style vinaigrette.  Made with the Riviera blend and a few pantry staples, the vinaigrette simply need...